Complete entrance solutions for Aviation

Entrances must always be up to the challenges of filling massive openings, exposure to high wind loads and harsh environments. Our hangar doors are an excellent choice for new door installations and for bringing older hangars into the modern age.

Our hangar doors are particularly suitable for aircraft hangars as well as for shipyard facilities and rough seaside environments. Owing to a unique design and construction, vertical lifting fabric hangar doors are extremely wind-resistant. The safety level is high to meet the demands of large-scale manufacturing, with built-in safety monitoring systems and door arrestors.

Designed with few moving parts, our systems require very little maintenance. There is almost no limitation to size or configuration. In multiple door design, daylight widths are unlimited.

Superior opening solutions for aircraft hangar doors

Our solution is not only the best choice for new hangar door installations. It is also the best way to bring older hangars into the modern age, ensuring that door closures fulfill the stringent requirements of FAA and EASA regulations.

In many cases, by adding an extension to the front of the hangar, it is possible to accommodate larger aircraft, thus generating additional income and faster return on investment.

Architecture and engineering support

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems' hangar doors, have practically no footprint and offer a design flexibility that permits both practical hangars and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Our hangar doors are easy to incorporate into any design process, either new installation or retrofit. Our skilled engineers are ready to support you right from the start of the consultation process, and can provide a wealth of supporting data to expedite your work.

The door's compact design and low weight on the building structure and foundation make it easy to incorporate in the design process, and simple and quick to install. Its innovative design contributes not just to long-term reliability, but also to its flexibility and even re-usability in temporary installations requiring subsequent dismantling.

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