High speed doors and rapid-response service help German scaffolding manufacturer keep workers safe and processes running smoothly


For German scaffolding manufacturer MJ-Gerüst, efficient and safe production processes are key to running a successful business. To help operations run safely and smoothly, the company relies on ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems to supply and service all their high speed doors and entrance needs.

Since the 1970s, MJ-Gerüst has specialised in the production of scaffolding. Part of the family-owned Junior group of companies, it is now one of the top three scaffolding manufacturers in Germany.   

ASSA ABLOY has been working with the company for over 20 years. Axel Gillmann, Head of Building Management at MJ Gerüst explains: “It all started with a flexible roller door. Over time we moved on to insulated high-speed doors for all of our buildings.”

Safety first in manufacturing
The first door was supplied and installed by Albany Door Systems. When ASSA ABLOY purchased Albany Door Systems in 2012, it gained MJ-Gerüst as a customer and access to the German manufacturing industry.

The MJ-Gerüst factory in Plettenburg has 115 ASSA ABLOY door systems installed. These include the extremely fast and robust ASSA ABLOY RR3000 for external entrances, as well as the heavy-duty, high-speed ASSA ABLOY RP300 machine protection doors. For robot and laser welding applications, the ASSA ABLOY RP2000 machine protection doors provides the ultimate protection.

To produce the steel and aluminum scaffolding frames, it takes 20 large welding robots. “The most important aspect of the machine protection doors is the ability to completely seal off our welding cells,” says Axel. The machine doors shield workers from the intense ultraviolet light, heat and noise generated by the massive arc welders, and provide protection from arc glare, spark burns and heat exhaustion.

The machine protection doors also prevent operators from reaching into the welding cells, which is actually possible with a light barrier. If the light barrier is breached, the welding robot automatically stops, which brings production to a standstill. “You then have to configure the entire machine once again. With a machine door, this is not possible,” explains Axel.

Rapid-response service
Of course, minimizing downtime is crucial for any manufacturing company. To ensure the doors remain in great working order, MJ-Gerüst has a comprehensive service agreement with ASSA ABLOY.

“The best part of the service agreement is the fast response time whenever there is a problem,” says Axel. “This actually saves us a lot of work on a day-to-day basis. We do not have to worry about any annual inspections or anything like that. ASSA ABLOY contacts us, makes the appointments, and everything runs smoothly.”

It’s not only heavy manufacturing companies that benefit from partnering with ASSA ABLOY. Our comprehensive portfolio of high-speed industrial doors and complete, flexible service solutions are perfectly suited to optimize processes and safety for all types of manufacturers, from automotive and controlled environment, to food and beverage.